Living a Healthy Lifestyle

I know it is one of those things that is easier said than done!  It has taken me years to really figure out what works for me and stay consistent.  I’ll admit that I do cheat a few times a month because, LIFE.  But I’ve learned to not be so hard on myself when I slip once and a while. When I create realistic expectations of myself is when I look and feel my best.

Here’s what works for me:

BE BALANCED-  When I first started to see a change in my body for the better, it was after I decided to start counting my Macros.  What I love the most about counting my macros is that I rarely ever feel deprived since I’m not cutting out any one food group.  I make a conscious effort to eat clean macros as much as I can but as long as it stays within my range for the day, it’s all good. (sometimes you just need that extra spoonful of almond butter at night!)  For me, it’s fun to track and input my meals into my app.  I also plan my meals every Sunday when I make my grocery list so that I know I can stay on track throughout the week.  Let me know if you want me to dedicate a whole post on how I count my Macros!

BE ACTIVE- Obviously working out is key, but I don’t just go to the gym everyday.  Boring!  Lately, I’ll go to the gym a couple days a week and then also throw in a yoga class or go on a hike one day.  It’s important for me to keep working out as something that is fun rather than something that is a chore.  Even on days when I’m at my laziest, I try to at least go take the dog on a 10 minute walk because as long as I’m being active, I’m that much closer to reaching my goals.

SET GOALS- One of the big factors that helps keep me focused is setting goals for myself so that I always have something to work for and look forward to.  Long term goals AND short term goals.  Having short term goals are important for me because it helps keep me accountable each and every day.  For example, every Sunday I set a workout schedule for my week.  If a long term goal I have is for a vacation where I know I’ll be in a bikini, I’ll try on that bikini every week to, again, keep me accountable.  Eyes on the prize!

Obviously, there’s A LOT more that goes into a healthy lifestyle and I’m excited to share more with you throughout my journey!


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