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Yesterday was our fur baby’s first birthday!!  I can’t believe it’s already been 7 months since we first got him.  A little back story – Randy and I were on our way into Costco one Saturday afternoon and of course it was super crowded so we had to park a little ways away. We ended up parking right next to a Petco, which was having a Rescue Fair.  As you can imagine, as soon as we saw Ramsey we knew it was meant to be.  He was 5 months old and sleeping like a little angel.  The rest is history!  We are super lucky because Randy’s sister is a vet-tech and helps us if we ever have any questions. I also come home everyday for lunch so he never has to be alone for too long.  He loves playing with his toys and chewing on his bones and hanging out at his Grandma’s house when Randy and I have plans.  (We are so lucky that Randy’s mom lives 8 minutes away!) He brings so much love and joy to our lives, I really don’t know what we did before we had him lol.  Not to mention he’s such a good boy!  Can’t wait for more memories and birthdays with my sweet boy!

I have been searching on Pinterest for months “Puppy Birthday” and “Dog First Birthday Photos”  because, yes, I am extra. I knew that I wanted to take some cute pic of him that we can have forever and I love to bake so I knew making him a cake would be special for both of us. Here are the details of our little Puppy Pawty:

Balloon Banner:  Etsy is my jam.  I feel like it just gets me lol!  This Etsy shop makes these balloon banners for so many different occasions and it also has different phrases for dog parties.  SO CUTE!!

Letter Board:  I’ve had this letter board for a few months now and I love it.  It sits on one of my white ikea shelves and I change it pretty frequently.  So perfect for so many different things.

Blue Bandana:  I saw a bunch of pictures that showed dogs having actual bibs that said “Birthday Boy” and things like that but I didn’t want to get to cutesy so I thought a light blue bandana would be perfect.

Cone Hats:  Similarly to the bandana, I didn’t want to be too cheesy with the cone hats either.   Even though cone hats are pretty cheesy in themselves, these are white with dark blue and light blue paw prints.  So darn cute and fit perfectly with my theme.

“1” candle: Continuing with my light blue theme, this “1” candle id sparkly and super inexpensive.

Cake Recipe:  Since it’s Ramsey’s birthday I wanted to make him a cake that he can actually eat!  I found this recipe on Pinterest and it was super simple to make.  I topped it with sprinkles and his favorite treats for decoration.  He LOVED it!

Xoxo, G 


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