Training for the Turkey Trot in Style

Every year, my family and I wake up extra early on Thanksgiving Day and head to downtown San Jose for the annual Thanksgiving Turkey Trot.  In years past, I never really thought much of it and just planned on walking it because I was tired or hungover from the night before.  Luckily, now that I’m older and not drinking like I used to I’m planning on running it and really challenging myself for pace.  I’ve never been into long distance running and I’m one of the only people on the earth that enjoy running on a treadmill rather than outside so you can imagine this isn’t exactly going to be easy for me.  Now that we’re under the 2 week mark till the race, here’s my training plan:

1. Get yo mind right – When it comes to training for anything, it’s so important to have a good mindset to keep you motivated and energized to accomplishing your goals.  I keep telling myself how good all that food at Thanksgiving dinner is going to taste knowing I concurred the turkey trot that morning.

2.  Get a partner in crime – this helps for accountability.  I asked (forced) Randy to do it with me so that I have someone to go on runs with and keep me on track.  Not to mention that he’s 6’2″ and has long legs so keeping up with him helps me push myself!

3. Make a Schedule – Pretty much all of the info I found about training for a 5K involved working your way up to the time/distance you want.  I can already run 2 miles at about a 10-12 minute pace, it’s that last mile that been rough for me! 

This past week: M, W, F – Run 2.5 Miles at 5.5 pace + Walk 5 Minutes at 4.0 Pace

WEEK 2: M, W, F – Run 2.8 Miles at 6.0 pace + Walk 5 Minutes at 5.0 Pace

WEEK 1: M, W, F – Run 3 Miles at 6.0 pace

4. Do it in Style – There’s just something about having cute workout gear that is so motivating!  Why not work out if you’re going to look cute doing it, right!  Below I’ve linked a bunch of the cutest activewear that’s perfect for the colder weather!

Wish me luck! Xo, G


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