Gift Guide: Dear Santa

It’s Monday so I thought I’d cheer everyone up with another Gift Guide!! I know I need some cheering up after I had such an amazing weekend in Tahoe.  I didn’t want it to end!  PS..I will be posting a recap of our Tahoe getaway within the next few days.

So this week I thought I’d switch it up and give you a run down of all the things on my Christmas list.  If only Randy actually read my blog he’d know exactly what to get me lol!  If you’ve been unsure what to ask for then hopefully you’ll find something you like on this list. Great minds think alike 😉  Or, if you have a friend that loves beauty & fashion, she’ll be sure to love anything from this list as well.

I broke it down into a few categories:

David Yurman Jewelry

I have been a huge fan of David Yurman since high school!  Each piece is so gorgeous and timeless and they make wonderful gifts for a higher price point.  Here are some of my favorites:

Passport Holder
If you know someone that will be traveling out of the country this year then this gift won’t disappoint!  Randy and I have been talking about planning a trip for 2018 and I immediately thought about getting a new passport holder.  Here are some super cute ones I’m obsessed with:

Cosmetic Bags

Continuing on my travel ideas, every girl needs a good cosmetic bag when she travels!  Especially if there are a lot of cosmetics to lug around.  I am in the market for a new cosmetic bag because mine has definitely been loved.  Here are some awesome good-quality finds:

Favorite Perfumes

Growing up, every year for Christmas we would get my mom a nice perfume set of her favorite perfumes.  Now that I’m an adult, I find myself wanting the same thing!  This is such a useful gift because it’s something we as women wear every single day.  I especially love perfume as a gift because they can be pretty pricey for the larger bottles.  Here are my personal favs:

Embellished Ugg Boots

This is another brand I’ve loved since high school!  Back in the day I used to have them in every color lol.  Now, since I can’t wear them to work, I like to have at least one pair of UGG boots during the winter for running errands on the weekends.  This season they came out of some super cute styles that are a bit more embellished than the standard style I used to lean towards:

Favorite Gadgets

I have a few gadgets I’ve had my eye on lately.  For instance, this facial steamer has been surfacing on social media and I am shook.  I looove getting facials mostly for the steam aspect so being able to do it at home is amazing.  The only thing I love more than skin care is COOKING!  I have heard amazing things about the instant pot from the awesome book “Skinny Taste and from the F-Factor founder Tanya Zuckerbot.  Both are amazing gadgets for girls on the go!

Fancy Cosmetics

I am a huge beauty lover but I am more of one to use products both from the drug store and also from Sephora.  Equal parts save & splurge lol.  These Dior items are definitely more splurge but I have heard amazing things about them!! Especially the lip plumper!!!  Lastly, if you have an instagram then you know what these drops are.  I hear the product gives  a flawless finished product and smells delicious.  Something about adding those drops to your face seems so satisfying!!

Happy shopping everyone!  Xo, G


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