Winter White Favorites

I know it is technically frowned upon to wear white after labor day but something about it is so positive and makes me feel so happy that I feel like it has to be worn year round!  Not to mention how perfect it looks with every skin tone.  Plus, it makes for a great photo in the snow. ( of course I’m always thinking bout that insta op lol)

I went ahead and rounded up some of my favorite winter white pieces right now, just hover over the photo in the widget below and click to shop!  PS – the dress at the top left isn’t exactly meant for winter, however it’s ONLY $35 at Nordstrom Rack and I have been coveting a dress like that for months now.  Grab it now while it’s stocked in every size and save it for spring/summer!!!

Lastly, can we just take a second and let the fact that christmas eve is this weekend sink in…I can’t believe it’s only a week away!  I spent a good chunk of my weekend wrapping gifts and getting some baking done with my sister for her works Christmas Cookie Competition.  Hopefully she wins!!  I also had a bunch of errands to do on Sunday, one of which was getting my nails done.  This is usually a routine task since I get my nails done about every other week; but this past time I was so distraught over if I picked the right color or not!  The color I chose looked slightly different when she was applying it from when I had picked it from the wheel.  Of course I didn’t say anything because she was already 3 fingers in so I left there feeling like *ugh now I have to live with this for the next two week* (first world problems, I know).  Anyone else get a love-hate relationship with your nail color or feel so stressed when you have a million color wheels in front of you and don’t know which one to choose?!  In the end, it all worked out because right after I went to my next errand and low and behold got a compliment on my nails!  TRIUMPH!  Anyways, hope everyone has a great Monday!

 Xoxo, G


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