​There is just something about setting “New Years Resolutions” that is so daunting and scary to me.  Does anyone else feel this way?  I feel like I have so many different things I want to improve on in all of the different aspects of my life ​that it’s hard to just list everything out on a piece of paper that will probably be stuffed in a drawer by mid-year and forgotten about. So, last year I decided to tweak them from “resolutions” to “goals” and map them out in a way that was visually pleasing (the designer inside me) and in a way that I could see it everyday. That’s when I came up with my “Goals Map”.   I decided to list out my top 3-5 goals for each category laid out in a pretty and colorful format that is in no way “daunting” or “scary”.  I set it as my computer desktop so that I’m constantly seeing it/being reminded of my goals, which really helps with accountability and mindfulness. It totally worked!  For this upcoming year, I won’t bore you with my exact goals, but here is my template that I recommend you download and use it for yours!  Set it as your desktop background and you’re ready to be the best you YET!
Another amazing idea is one that my friend brought to me last year.  Basically you have a goal for each month that you put into calendar format (like on shutterfly) and then each month when you flip the page it has your next goal!  This helps keep you accountable all year long and lets you pin-point each goal so that hopefully after 28+ days of working on it, you’ll be able to incorporate it into your everyday life.  I do both – use my map and then use my calendar to put the more specific things into motion.  Here’s an an Example:
JANUARY- Kayla Week 1-4
FEBRUARY- Kayla Week 4-8
MARCH- Kayla Week 8-12
APRIL- Plan a Trip!
MAY- At Home Facial once a week
JUNE- Treat yo self to something special!
JULY- Whole 30
AUGUST- Try Something New!
SEPTEMBER- Contribute 25% more into savings
OCTOBER- Find a Healthy Candy Alternative
NOVEMBER- Participate in Community Service
DECEMBER- Create 2019 Goals Map
I know I’m late to the party with the Kayla 12 week plan but I have never done it all the way through and this year I am determined! 

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