Workout Gear for the new year + Motivation Tips

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My first post of 2018 y’all!  Now that it’s the new year I am full speed ahead on tackling my fitness goals.  Although I will admit, after a few months off the train it’s not always easy to jump back into gym life and healthy meals 24/7.   Planning on working out and actually doing it are two very different things.  I know first hand how hard it is to rev up your workout regime after a good 2-3 months of eating anything & everything during the Holidays.  The most important thing right now is motivation!

First things first, I love to use social media as a vehicle for motivation.  For instance, instead of clicking on random things on instagram before bed I’ve been looking up fitness accounts so that I’m thinking to myself,”check out this girl in the gym, I can do that too!” I also love looking up motivational quotes on Pinterest.  I have a board called “Get it Girl!” (check it out here) that has all my motivational quotes about working out.  I also used one of the quotes as the background on my phone.  The more places you can see it, the better!

Another way I stay motivated is to be super prepared.  Laying out my workout clothes the night before helps get me up and out of bed for an early morning workout.  I also prep my healthy snacks the night before so that I am motivated to stay on track when that 3 o’clock hunger pang kicks in.  I also just got an app on my watch called “WaterMinder”, which keeps track of your water intake during the day and reminds you when it’s time to take a sip.

Lastly, my most favorite way to stay motivated is to have cute clothes to workout in!! If you’re as obsessed with fashion as I am you know how a workout can go from good to great purely based on how cute I feel in my outfit.  I know that probably sounds ridiculous, but its true!  Here’s some workout gear I’ve been drooling over:




Sticking to a fitness plan isn’t just physical.  It’s a conscious decision to take the time and effort to get a good workout in and your brain is the one in control!  So make sure you’re properly dressed, hydrated & motivated and you’re ready to blow your fitness goals out of the water!

Xoxo, G



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