Fitting Room Diaries: Nordstrom Spring Has Sprung

Trips to the mall literally give me butterflies. Like, walking into Nordstrom gives me so much joy and looking at all the amazing clothes gives me a high, I’m not even kidding lol!! Either you think I’m completely weird or you can relate.  When we took a trip to the mall the other day, Nordstrom had allllll the new spring clothes out and I was in heaven.  I took a ton to the dressing room and ended up going home with some of my favs.  (Although I wish I could have gone home with all of it!)  I did share these on my Instagram story but unfortunately some of the pieces were so new that they weren’t even on the Nordstrom website yet.  Luckily, everything has been published online so I figured now would be the perfect time to do a blog post on it!




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