I get asked questions about my hair routine/what products I use almost daily so I thought it would be a good idea to condense everything into one post!  Let’s start from the very beginning shall we:



Throughout the years I have always gone back and forth between super dark hair and having highlights. (My natural color is a medium/dark brown) Last year I decided to get balayage; I figured this would be the best compromise between the two!  That being said, going back and forth between dark and light for so many years did take a toll on my hair so I am always very cognizant of making sure I am deep conditioning it and taking good care of it.  I also have very curly hair naturally so I have to use a lot of heat unfortunately!  Today I want to share with you my day to day hair products and the extensions that I get compliments on daily!




First things first, Shampoo & Conditioner.  I try to only wash my hair about 2 times a week and the rest of the days I use dry shampoo . Since I have bleached hair (mostly at the bottom), I use a purple shampoo which really helps my color stay the right shade.  Then I use Pureology Perfect 4 Platinum conditioner and I always buy the bigger one – it’s more expensive but it’s a better value.  Plus, I go through conditioner pretty quickly so it’s helpful having the liter to refill my smaller bottle that I keep in my shower.  My absolute favorite dry shampoo right now is Suave Moroccan Oil.  It HAS to be the Moroccan oil version (blue on the can) because I have mistakenly gotten the other one and hated it.  PS – it smells amazing and is super cheap. Before I found my current dry shampoo I was obsessed with “Pssst”.  I like to switch off every few months so that my hair doesn’t get to used to one single brand.




After I get out of the shower and lightly towel dry my hair, I brush it with a wet brush and add a tiny bit of leave in conditioner.  My two favorite (that I switch off) are It’s a 10 and Caviar.  A little goes a long way!  I have very curly hair so I always have to blow dry my hair before I style it.  That is where heat protectant comes in. Caviar Heat Protectant is expensive but I can tell that it really works.  I have gone through dozens of cheaper heat protectants that just didn’t do the job so it’s definitely worth it in my eyes. “You wear your hair everyday, it’s worth the investment!” – Wise words from my hair artist!




I have a T3 blowdryer that came with a round brush and I absolutely love them.  I also have a T3 flat iron that I use occasionally and my curling iron is Bombay 32MM rose gold curling wand (found here).  The extensions I have are amazing, I cannot speak more highly of them!  I used to get the human hair extensions from Sally’s and boy are these a step up.  Like everything else, they’re expensive but SO worth it.  I have the Balayage 220g 22″ Ombre Hair Extensions #1C Mochachino Brown/ #18 Dirty Blonde.  I always used to get my extensions cut to blend in with my hair but this time I didn’t and I’m actually glad.  I think they still blend and give me the length I want (which is the whole point lol).  Lately I’ve been thinking of getting tape in extensions but I’ve heard mixed reviews.  If you have them DM or email me, I’d love to hear about your experience!




When curling my hair, I start at the nape of my neck and go up in sections, adding extensions tracks and curling 1″ sections as I go.  My trick to getting my curls to last with the long hair is to clip each curl  with 2 bobby pins and wait until everything has cooled before I take them out.  I feel like this also helps my hair stay blended with my extensions because they’re all clipped together as they cool.  I finish off with Dove Hair Spray in the Flexible Hold because I hate when my hair feels too tacky or hard which other hairsprays can do.  I also love Elnett hair spray for special occasions or date nights because I just love the way it smells (and Jessie James Decker uses it).  Lastly, if I’m in the mood for volume, I’ll tease the crown of my head a little with a teasing comb and add some texturizing spray!!



And that’s it!  I get my hair done at my favorite salon, Bigsby House in San Jose.  I have been going to Blair for years and years and she is absolutely amazing!  If you live in the Bay Area I highly recommend her.















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