How to Get Hunter Boots for Less

Photos by Alexander Delfuego

Anyone else out there absolutely obsessed with Hunter boots?! 

I mean, every girl needs a good pair of rain boots in their closet, right!  I remember the first time I saw them — I was passing by the shoe department of Nordstrom about 2 years ago and they had a display of all the different Hunter rain boots that were out that season.  Pink, red, light blue, yellow..the list goes on.  I was instantly drawn to them until…..I saw how expensive they were.  I slowly backed away and continued with the rest of my day but I couldn’t stop thinking about how cute they were and how stylish they would be for a rainy day.  The endless amount of outfits I could picture myself in wearing them continued to haunt me until I was reading online that you could purchase the real deal for a lower price by shopping in the kids section!

 If you’re a lady out there with a shoe size up to 9, then do I have some good news for you:

I have included a table below, which shows the conversions from kids sizes to women’s adult sizes.  

So the moral of the story is that you can find out what your size is in the kids section and get your Hunter boots from there! I will warn you though, that these adorable rubber boots will be a little SHORTER than the adult version.  For me, this was no big deal because I’m only 5’3″ and the adult boots came up a little too high for me anyways.   If this is something that might bother you, though, you may wait and save up for the adult version.




Anyone else out there ever shopped in the kids section?  It really is such a good way to save a little extra coin now and then.  Let me know your thoughts! 


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